"For Serious Real Estate Agents Who Want To Start Making 6 or 7-figures... Build Wealth For The Future... And Enjoy Their Lives Now..."
Thursday, January 3rd from 11am-2pm
Holiday Inn Express & Suites  l  30500 Clemens Rd, Westlake, OH 44145
Expert Mentors and Real Estate Agents Reveal...
  •  How to position yourself as a local expert to attract more business versus chasing business or buying more leads
  •  Master inbound seller lead generation so you always have a steady flow of “ready to act” sellers each month
  •  Master content strategy lead generation so you can create a pipeline of prospects
Lunch will be provided at the event thanks to our amazing sponsors:
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  •  How To Create an unbeatable listing presentation and never lose face-to-face!
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What type of agent should attend this event?
This event is for any agent at any stage of business. Any agent who values their time, and actually thinks of their business like a business should attend. The Live workshops are built on the fundamental principles of leverage. 

Every success and failure in business can be boiled down to a universal principle. Most agents and brokers are working harder for their business than their business is working for them. If you believe your business is not working to maximum, then you should be in attendance. 

If you're trying to recruit more agents, increase the amount of leads, referrals, or the productivity per agent on your team... You can’t afford to miss out on this learning opportunity so you can imprison the proven strategies and methods that could be instantly installed in your business and start working for you.
If the workshop content is so powerful, why are you making this available for FREE?
After doubling our business year over year, and helping other people double their businesses, we understand how agents think. 

There is so much noise in the market being taught by people who have never done anything, or simply haven't done anything in the last decade, making it really hard for agents to know who to trust. 

We feel that if you're going to be in the business of helping agents, you should actually be able to demonstrate your ability to help them in advance of asking them for anything. 

We know that every agent in the marketplace is struggling from some sort of priority confusion. We used to help agents by coaching them though all the decisions they face when trying to exponentially grow their business. 

A few years we started partnering with agents. We started helping them without charging them a bunch of money. We started only getting paid when their business grows. We like to refer to it as performance based compensation. We certainly know that 90% of the attendees of this event will take this valuable information and implement it on their own. There will be a few that would like us to help them. This model has revolutionized how we work with agents. 

So we know that a small percentage of people in attendance will know with absolute certainty that the information they learn will work. We also understand a small subset of the agents and brokers in attendance would love for us to help them above and beyond just teaching them. Our new model of partnering with agents allows us to take out all the risk for helping them implement everything they need to do in order to double their business. Our clients are growing at record pace. 

We don’t believe in chasing down clients, and neither should you. So we are simply willing to help and demonstrate our value in advance. 

The best part of the model is we don’t need a lot of clients. Our clients apply to work with us and our goal is simple. 

If you attend and think you can benefit from our help as your partner, you might choose to sit down and explore our new exclusive partnership opportunity. 
How is this different from what other real estate trainers, gurus, and speakers are teaching?
You are not going to learn a one size fits all strategy. Every person is at a different stage in their business, with different strengths and resources. You are going to learn how to think, and make decisions. 

All things are NOT created equal. A way of thinking must become a way of doing.

It’s not about always engineering new ideas and breakthroughs. We’ve learned that sometimes it's simply learning how to harness the power of Optimization.
“Are you getting maximum results from every action, effort, activity, investment, opportunity, communication, and access vehicle you have your real estate business for the rest of your life?”
You can’t optimize, multiply, and maximize until you know ALL the better and higher performing alternative methods, options, opportunities, possibilities, efforts, and strategies… 

If you knew what they are, you’d already be doing them, wouldn’t you? 

You're going to learn how to identify your blind spots and leverage a simple framework that will impact your business immediately. 
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Cleveland, OH